Blue combo knee socks | Sea Vibes


Material: 75% Combed Cotton, 23% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Type: Knee Socks

Washing and Maintenance: always keep your socks in shape and shiny by washing them gently at a temperature not exceeding 30°, turning them inside out

Gift Bag: our socks will be sent to you in colorful gift bags, an extra touch of color to have always at hand

Rebel hearts that face life like a surfer faces the highest wave. If your spirit knows no limits and every challenge is, first of all, a challenge against yourself, embrace the Tiglami philosophy. Discover the SEA VIBES high socks, wearing the call of the sea always. Tiglami Jungle Style takes inspiration from the echoes of  faraway journeys, condensing them in essential designs and bright colours that evoke adventure. Search for more Tiglami Jungle Style and be daring.